"Her highly professional competence, reliability
and stress resistance regarding the volume and
often very tight deadlines were of great value."


Please click on the subject areas below to view some of the translation projects and interpreting assignments I have undertaken recently. This is just a selection and by no means an exhaustive list. I will be happy to give you further details on my experience and can assure you that I will only accept projects I know I can deliver to a high standard.

  • iconLegalOpen or Close
    • Contracts such as house sales, business merging, user licenses
    • Specifications document for exports of major German automobile manufacturer
    • Business terms and conditions of a transport company
    • Certified translations of birth certificates, diplomas, criminal records, marriage and divorce certificates and other documents for official use.
    • Insurance claims
  • iconTechnicalOpen or Close
    • Quote and description for reconstruction of a shiploader conveyer system
    • FMEA (failure mode and effects analysis) for the automotive industry
    • Tooth Clutch assembly instructions
    • Pump maintenance instructions – assembly and disassembly
    • Instruction manual for wrist watch
    • Offboard Diagnostic System software for a major German automobile group
    • Certification of a photovoltaic system
    • Instruction manual for pedometer
    • Report on cathodic protection for a filter system
    • Instruction manual for 3D cinema glasses
    • Instruction manual for instrument-based cosmetics tools
    • Information material on mobile pocket PC for retailing logistic processes
    • Creation of a software development environment
    • Fifth Wheel assembly instructions
  • iconMarketingOpen or Close
    • Several websites within the cosmetics, nail design and wellness sector
    • Website of a major price comparison company
    • Brochures, product labels and inserts, leaflets, exhibition material for the cosmetics industry
    • Website of a hotel in Portugal
    • Promotional material for the foods and drinks industry
  • iconOtherOpen or Close
    • Research studies on Darwin
    • Research studies on Portuguese History
    • Research on bowel cancer
    • Annual business reports
    • Application for a postgraduate programme within the area of humanities
    • Dissertation and academic papers on bilingualism and education in multi-cultural societies
    • Psychometric tests
  • iconInterpretingOpen or Close
    • Conference on pharmaceuticals and free radicals (simultaneous)
    • Conference on marketing strategies (whispering)
    • Portuguese visa application (liaison)
    • After dinner speeches at business meetings (consecutive)
    • Real estate sale (liaison)
    • Court and immigration centres (consecutive & liaison)

I have built strong business relationships with experts from different industries, such as engineering, legal and health, who I consult with on specialist questions.


I use 2 translation software tools called SDL Studio 2011 and SDL Trados, which, in addition to other functionalities, allow the professional translator to create and customise termbases and translation memories for each individual client to offer coherence and speed. It is not a machine translation tool!


As a translator and interpreter in direct contact with the client I am able to eliminate any middleman fees and offer attractive rates.
For a customised, non-obligation quote, please go to the Quote page or e-mail me on info@lexiscope.com.