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Below is a list of the services provided by Lexiscope. Please click on the different categories to view a full description for each service. I will be happy to advise you further and offer you a customised service that will meet your requirements.

  • iconTranslation

    Are you planning on publishing an academic paper in German, English or Portuguese, do you want to make sure that your instruction manual reads well in other languages or are you soon opening up business to other countries to widen your clientele? Whether you are entering a new market or need to get your CV translated when applying for a new position, I deliver accurate translations which meet the target audience so you can be sure that your message is read and understood.

  • iconCertified TranslationsOpen or Close

    Lexiscope also provides certified translations of official documents from degree certificates, police reports to birth certificates and any legal documents which will be notarized for acceptance by governments and official institutions, embassies and consulates as well as Universities. All documents are treated as confidential.

  • iconProofreading and EditingOpen or Close

    Two pairs of eyes see more than one. Apart from checking that spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct, I also verify that the right terminology has been used in the context. After the content has been formatted and typeset, I can also verify that the text and images of the translated file match the source text (spaces between words and paragraphs, missing/untranslated description of pictures, numbers and format, …)

  • iconConsecutive Interpreting Open or Close

    Commonly used for after-dinner speeches, press conferences, diplomatic meetings and addresses on festive occasions, but also events of political significance. The interpreter takes notes whilst the speech is being delivered to then relay the content in the target language. An interpreter can take notes and then interpret speeches of up to approx. 20 minutes.

  • iconSimultaneous interpretingOpen or Close

    As the name suggests, the speech is interpreted simultaneously, i.e. in real time, requiring the use of electronic equipment such as an interpreting booth and headset. Recommended for conferences where more than one delegate requires interpretation of a given language or many languages.

  • iconWhisperingOpen or Close

    Ideal if only one person or a maximum of two people require interpretation. The interpreter is seated next to the client who needs translation and whispers the interpretation of what is being said in real time. No electronic equipment is required.

  • iconLiaison interpretingOpen or Close

    In this interpreting mode the interpreter translates in many intervals, almost sentence by sentence. Recommended for negotiations, formal contexts such as business meetings and trips, trade fairs, notaries or less formal situations such as work visits or casual conversation.

  • iconTelephone InterpretingOpen or Close

    Conference calls or just making contact – book me for a call or simply conference me in if you get stuck.

  • iconAudio Transcription

    Audio transcription is a process by which digital audio files are converted into written form. I can also translate the transcribed text.

  • iconLanguage Tuition

    As a language specialist I also organise corporate and private English, German or Portuguese language tuition in Portugal, in groups or 1-to-1. Just get in touch and I will be sure to design a programme that will cover all your language learning needs.


You can also contact me regarding translation or interpreting services for languages other than English, German or Portuguese. I work with a network of professional linguists and will be able to pass your project on to another qualified colleague.
Just e-mail me on info@lexiscope.com or call [+351] 938 622 247 and I will aim to answer any queries on the same day.


When attending a business meeting abroad or hosting an event with visitors from other countries you are guaranteed to impress with a professional interpreter who will ease communication, making business meetings more productive. Just browse through the different interpreting categories to find the mode that is right for your type of event.


As a translator and interpreter in direct contact with the client I am able to eliminate any middleman fees and offer attractive rates.
For a customised, non-obligation quote, please go to the Quote page or e-mail me on info@lexiscope.com.